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Solidification of metals

Critical nucleus radius and activation energy for nucleation

Homogeneous nucleation

In homogeneous nucleation, nuclei consisting of the same substance as the melt trigger solidification. https://youtu.be/uyYxyTKEIzg Gibbs energy In order to understand the processes of nucleation, an energetic analysis is indispensable. In this context the...
Golf clubs as application of an amorphous metal (metallic glass)

Amorphous metals

In amorphous metals, supercooling is so strong that nucleation is suppressed and crystalline structures do not form. In the article on types of nuclei it was explained that with stronger cooling and thus...
Cooling curve of a pure substance

Heat of solidification

During solidification, heat is released, which is called heat of crystallization or heat of solidification. It counteracts the external cooling. https://youtu.be/7xPfW2hYt8w Introduction The hand warmer described in the article solidification conditions shows another phenomenon...
Conditions for solidification

Conditions for solidification

Two conditions must be met for solidification: The melt must be supercooled and nuclei must be present in the melt. https://youtu.be/7xPfW2hYt8w Introduction The origin for the formation of a microstructure is usually the...