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Iron-carbon phase diagram

Influence of carbon on hardness and strength of steels

With increasing carbon, the hardness and strength of unalloyed steels increases. Above a content of 0.8% C, the strength decreases. As the carbon content increases, the proportion of cementite in the steel...
Micrograph of eutectoid steel with a carbon content of 0.8 % (C80)

Phase transformations of steels in solidified state (metastable system)

Depending on the carbon content, further phase transformations take place in the steel in the solidified state. The cooled microstructure consists of pearlite and ferrite. https://youtu.be/b581J_SmCM4 Introduction As explained in the article Microstructure formation...
Transformation lines in the iron-carbon phase diagram (steel part)

Microstructure formation of steels during solidification

Steels solidify as solid solutions. The face-centered cubic lattice structure with the embedded carbon atom is called austenite. https://youtu.be/b581J_SmCM4 Introduction In principle, steels are binary systems consisting of the host element iron and the...